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Vermilion River Reopens

John Gillio

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I just left a meeting that took place along the Vermilion river near Lowell. The river was declared open by IDNR director Marc Miller this morning at 10:41 am. The river is open to rafting, canoeing, and kayaking. I talked to Mr. Miller after the meeting and learned that even though the river is open there has been no portage rights granted by the property owners (Buzzi Unicem) at the wildcats or the dam at the mill. All watercraft are to pass through the opening on the right hand side of the dam as you are traveling downstream.


There are signs posted at the Lowell put in that explain restricted areas around the dam and signage is in place at the dam also. River shoreline and Buzzi property are off limits and would be considered trespassing, so stay on the water if you are planning on using this resource.


I would like to thank the many groups and individuals that were involved in the reopening of this river. It is a great asset to the people of Illinois and the little town of Oglesby. Treating this lease agreement between Buzzi Unicem and the state with respect is crucial to keeping the river open. Buzzi has the right to break the agreement at any time......... Float safely.

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