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Looking for light wt reel for glass fly rod?

Ryan Kral

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Hey guys, I recently purchased a 6'6", 4wt fiberglass rod. The reel I am currently using seems a little heavy, doesn't really balance well. Any advice on decent, reels suited for use on this type of rod? I am using a DT 4wt line. I don't really like spending much on my reels, not super cheap, but not going to be spending hundreds on a reel. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Ryan

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ryan, you might take a look at a new, entry level, ross reel called "fly start" 3"dia. 4wt large arbor reel, with room for backing, is 50 bucks. if you would like to see a picture of one they are on the feather-craft website. <feather-craft.com> timothy

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Real Economical Reels


Cabelas has two. The new Wind River at $30 is very fascinating and has that 21st Century Space age look. The Cahill (reg $20) on sale for $10 looks more like a $20 reel. But how do you argue with $9.99.



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