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S-glass vs E-glass


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I want to pick up a fiberglass crankin' rod this year to round out my arsenal...

I heard that S-glass is lighter, tougher, and more sensitive than E-glass but for some reason S-glass rods are hard to find.

I did manage to find one but don't know if there are downfalls to S-glass when compared to E-glass.

So I'm reluctant to buy it until I get some opinions.

Anyone care to chime in on this one?

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Guest rich mc

rick clunn[bass tournament angler]uses fiberglass tip on a graphite rod just for cranks.the softer tip gets better hook ups and the grahite blank lets you cast it all day.craig reindeau uses them in the south with deep divin cranks . actually the rod is a clunn model.rich

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You've pretty much summed it up. Ratings typically go like this, lowest to highest:


E-Glass > S-Glass > Graphite


E-Glass is the standard (common) fiberglass reinforcement material. S-Glass looks and handles exactly the same but is made from a higher-strength fiber which gives about 40% higher tensile strength, 20% higher modulus, and greater abrasion resistance. No downsides or negatives that I'm aware of other than not as common to find and higher cost, as you've already found out. Numbers I've seen suggest you can make the same rod out of ~30% less material by using S-Glass, making for a lighter weight rod, also.


Here are a couple links to a more detailed description and comparison:


Fiberglass types


Fabric Information

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