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Questions about tagging fish

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Does anyone here know anything about tagging caught fish? Is it legal to do so on public waters or privately held ponds? If it is possible, does anyone know where you can obtain a proper instrument that inserts tag and said tags. I would love to do this even if on private ponds I fish and collect data, the zoologist in me I guess. Thanks for any insight you might be able to share or if you could at least point me in the right direction.

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Guest rich mc

in years past muskies were tagged with a small coded wireafter they were rescued from the spillway . one was caught a week later 2 miles downstream. the new biologist didnt like to do it as he said there was a chance of infection on the fish.i would check with your area biologist rich

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I assume depending on what type of data you wanted you would need a tag that you could track w/a receiver. I think that stuff gets pricey... if you figure it out let me know as i would love to tag a few smallies to see what they really do during the year.

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