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NW Regional Fishing Outings for 2012

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Mark your calendars, here are the fishing outings planned for the year for the NW Region. Look for more details as we get closer to the outing dates.



On Sunday April 22nd the Northwest region will host its first fishing outing on the Kishwaukee River. This will be a float outing. Bring your canoe, kayak, or pontoon and have a good time chasing bronzebacks on the Kish. If you don't have something to float, other members could have room in their canoe or there is an outfitter. You can rent or shuttle through www.canoethekish.com . Call Terry Dodge for more details 815-397-2595.


On July 14th the NW Region will host a wade fishing outing on the Apple River at Apple River Canyon State Park. Due to the size of the water this will be a RSVP trip. Typically we break up into groups of 4 or less and explore different areas. This driftless area of Illinois offers unique terrain and beauty. Contact Paul Trybul 815-703-2651 to RSVP.


On August 25th the NW Region will sponsor a wade fishing outing on the Kishwaukee River. We will meet for breakfast or at one of the parks in the Rockford area. Then we will break up into groups and explore many of the forest preserves in the area. Contact Terry Dodge for more details 815-397-2595.


On September 22nd the NW Region will host and outing on the Rock River. This could be a wade outing or possibly a boating outing since we do have several members with boats. Look for details as get closer to the event date. The Rock River does offer a good fall smallmouth & multi-species bite when the water cools and the pleasure boaters leave. The water clears up nicely while the smallmouth evacuate the smaller tribs and put on the feedbag for fall. Call Paul Trybul 815-703-2651 for more details.

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