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IEPA and You....

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Saturday Feb. 25, 2012 @ 12pm.

Charles (Chuck) Corley of the IEPA will give a Q & A presentation at our Northwest Region meeting at the Rockford Gander Mountain on Perryville Rd.. In a recent email Chuck has asked if any members might have any specific questions or concerns?

Let's shoot for a big turnout on this day. Please post a few questions or concerns you might have so I may relay some of the info to Chuck. I believe he would like to know where we might be coming from so that he can be better prepared to answer any and all questions.

More info on this meeting to follow in the Jan./Feb. issue of the Bronzeback Bulletin and also here on the site.


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It looks like a good one Terry. Get this one on the calendar too. I need all the paper memory I can get since my other one isn't what it used to be.


While I am on the topic of the calendar, The Rockford Boat and Outdoor Show is at the Sportscore on Feb. 17-19 2012. Though it seems we won't have a booth there, it is good information for our calendar.

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