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Kishwaukee Gorge


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I would like to fish the Kish in the gorge under the I-39 bridge. I was wondering where the closest place to put in is and if this has any good fishing. Also is it wadeable? Thanks for any info.

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You can hike in from the Gorge Forest Preserve on the north side of the river. It's a 10 minute hike from the parking lot to the water. Getting there isn't bad it's hiking back up the staircase after wade fishing will have you feeling the burn. It wadeable at USGS levels under 6ft. The current is strong through this section making it not the best late fall spot. The hike is very scenic especially during the peak of fall colors.


Canoeing from Kish FP to Atwood FP would be the other way to fish under the I-39 bridge.

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I hike in from Rotary F.P., this too is a scenic hike during the fall season. It's about a 15 to 20 minute hike but it is not a

strenuous hike at all. I do like to float my 'toon to the area and beach it on one of the many islands and wade the area.

PM me for more info if you would like.

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