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November meeting

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Now that we are officially into the month of November I want to remind everyone that our first meeting of the Winter season is coming up soon.Eric Heckman has agreed to do a presentation on equipment maintenance at Corens Rod and Reel store in Chicago on November 16th at 7:00pm.http://www.yelp.com/biz/corens-rod-and-reel-serv-chicago Let's have a nice turnout for this one especially you North side and Chicago guys.This will be a nice opportunity to learn how to properly maintain your equipment and get the supplies you need to do just that.

Also don't forget the 2nd annual PIZZA PARTY on December 7th at the Home Run Inn in Darien Il starting at 6:00pm.Should you be planning on attending let me know so that I can let the restaurant know how many to expect. http://www.homeruninn.com/pizzerias/darien-restaurant


Ed Buric

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Looks like I can make both of these. Assume you'll do another announcement for the pizza party and will reconfirm then but for sure coming to Corens.


Looks like the links didn't post clickable but both locations are easy enough to Googlemap.

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Giving up church choir rehearsal to attend . . . given that our Lord is a forgiving God. :rolleyes:


Looking forward to the event. Doubt I'll make the December Pizza Party . . . a fair jaunt from Northbrook to Darien.

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I plan on being there as well. How many reels can we bring?


Don R. Whats the wager ? tempting.....


I think it's just a presentation on what, how and why for maintenance. However I'm sure Eric would take all the reels you have and get them cleaned up and running smooth.

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