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Your Best Smallies of 2006

Mike Clifford

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Guest rich mc

i dont have any photos of my smallies and they wer'nt that big. but the story was that i had some time to kill near the Dupage river and it was high and moving. i fishedwith a few lures i happened to have in the car. most were a bust in the fast water until it put on the chatterbait. it was producing big time at shabbona and i didnt know how it would work with current. it didnt do anything retrieving from a downstream cast. i had to really crank it casting upstream as it was coming into shallow rocks. but thats where it worked best. a buzz bait didnt work but the chatterbait did as it nicked the rocks and pulled out smallies and lm bass. the high water now made me think of it. rich m

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I didn't get as much flyfishing in as I'd have liked this year, but I did manage a nice 18" smallie on Rock Creek on 06/06/06 (hmmmm 666 ... I wonder if that's an omen of some kind?) using either a chartreuse and white clouser or a madonna. I can't remember which one because both of them were producing a lot of fish that day.



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I was lucky enough to land at least a decent smallie each month from April to December of '06.



(April) (May) (June)



(July) (August) (Sept)



(Oct) (Nov) (Dec)


If memory serves me correctly April through August were on the Yum Crawbug, Sept was a Panther Martin in-line spinner, Oct and Nov hit the Torpedo top water and Dec was a live minnow.


Don R

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Nice fish everyone.


Here is a nice smallie I caught locally several times throughout the season:




Successful presentations were a Skitterprop and Skitterpop topwater, Booyah 3/8 oz. white tandem spinnerbait, and Rapala Husky Jerk. I cannot recall if I ever caught her on a plastic, but maybe so. I tried not to target this fish too much.


Here is a nice smallie from one of my favorite rivers, the Upper Wisconsin:




This bass was taken on a Skitterprop as well.


Topwaters are my presentation of choice, and will be again this season.

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I caught 3 more the same size as this one (19 inches) over 2 days while fishing with Mike Mladenik in early October. I don't remember exactly what bait I was using for this particular fish, but odds are it was a big red-tail chub. I did get a few fish on a hula-grub and some more on a sinking soft plastic.



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Here's a few of my favorites caught from the Kankakee this year.

Hulabug-spinnerbait-Gulp sinking minnow-Crawbug,pretty much all I used this year.

Although I didn't have many days that I caught great numbers of smallies the overall

size was better than past years. According to my log 40 bass of 16 inches or more.






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Here is an 18.25" smallie I bagged in June.

I landed it on a Caroline rigged with a Kanami 5" Gold Shad skirted grub.

It was taken on my home water, the Hocking River, while fishing from one of my outfitted WS Pungo 12 Classic kayaks.

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