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Hail to the NW Chief

Mike G

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I haven't been keeping up with things because we have been engaged in a big remodeling project. Just this morning I got around to reading my 21st Century E-copy of the bulletin and found out that Terry is succeeding Jude as our NW Territory Leader. Jued did good work and Terry is a good choice to keep it going. I am looking forward to the Inauguration, the speach, and especially the party(ies) afterwards. Thanks, Jude. And wishes of success to Terry.

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Stop talking about me when I'm not around!

Terry has been hard at work with the Kilbuck Creek problem. Still not happy.

If anybody knows of any other routes to take please let me know.


Mike G - Thanks. I hope I can do as good of a job as Jude did.


Jim J. - "upped his wardrobe to ISA colors and logos", That's a great idea!

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