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Scientific Anglers 7 wt line, Mastery Series Pike taper

Rob G

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I bought this floating line for the heavy front taper to be used for bass and pike fishing. According to SA, it seems to be almost the exact same taper as their bass line taper. It was used on two occasions but found I needed a heavier line for that particular rod. $25 shipped UPS ground

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Bonefish taper

Tarpon taper

Pike taper

Trout Taper

Bass taper

Saltwater taper

What's next?Crappie taper,Bluegill taper,Perch taper? I think the main thing all these tapers are designed to do is to separate gullible flyguys from their $.Instead of spending $ for some kind of fish specific line( to say nothing of another reel spool to put it on)anyone who can't cast a good weight forward line well would be much better off spending some time practicing casting.If you can't drive a Chevie buying a Ford isn't the answer. :wacko:

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Now Ron, don't be so cynical. Btw, you do realize that now you have to specify, standard Bass taper (probably for largemouth) or the new Rio Smallmouth Bass taper. No kidding here

I understand that Rio is coming out with a size specific Smallmouth Bass Taper,ie SBT1 8"-14",SBT2 15-17" SBT3 18"+. B)

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