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Leaky boots

John Gillio

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The bike patch method or flexible clear silicone might work. There is stuff in a tube for seams on waders too. I used it on my hodgemans at the start of the wading season. It was only about 5 bucks.

Tell you what, I will grab a tube from BP and trade you for a sampling of those supersized clouser minnows you threw at those hybrids.... hahaha.


Seriously, if you want a tube, I go there during lunch at least once a month and I am about due. I know this cuz I am starting to get the shakes.

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Thanks guys. Manny, I'll take you up on the tube of sealant from BP. I'll tie up a few for you . They work great for big smallies too. Just PM me or give me a call when the deed is done. I'm the only one in the local phone book. The waders are the White River breathable waders from BP in case that helps with the material.

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I will grab it next week. Monday/Tuesday. I will make sure to talk with the person behind the counter to see what he says about your type.

Do you have an open evening next week? Maybe we can meet up on the river.

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