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Stream Gone Bad

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I got a little creek that I like to spend time on and over the last couple of years there has been what I believe is a rock quarry using

the creek for drainage. A creek that up to 2 years ago always ran clear is now very stained with maybe 3 inches of visibility at best and is pretty much not worth fishing any more in my opinion.

I will be attending a stream survey this week on the creek with the IDNR.

Should I bring this to their (IDNR) attention and are there any questions I should drill them with?

I'm kinda mad as hell about this. I want my clear running creek back.

Help a member out.

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Guest rich mc

if the area downstream is affected , it should show up as a big change from the last survey 5years ago. thats why they always do the same spots. definitely bring it to their attention. rich

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I'll give Karen a call on Monday to let her know that I'm interested in watching them do the stream sampling.

I guess I'm going to take a vacation day on Friday to watch them do the sampling at both spots.

Water is low so maybe I can help out with the seine shocking at the secound spot if they do it.


I can't wade or hike to the spot where I believe the quarry drains do to the fact that most the land owners in the area also stake claim to the creek.




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