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Float Your Boat -6/18 8am

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There will be a Float Your Boat outing held at lake Shabbona for our members who live North and West.Meet at the launch ramp at 8:00am Saturday June 18th with your favorite boat for a chance to show your boat and check out what everyone else has there.There will of course be plenty of time for fishing.


Lets have a show of hands who is coming & who needs a boat to use/pair up. I'll be there with kayak. The bluegill should be shallow prespawn or on the nests. Fishing from shore is an option but if we know who is attending we can try to help each other find some fish.

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I will be there. Don't have a boat to bring but am looking forward to seeing/trying out some of ISA's favorite water craft.

Is anyone bringing a Coosa? I would love to try that one out.


On a more personal note. It was last June that my Lumbar 4 disk ruptured while fishing on Lake Shabbona. I hope I'm not tempting the fates by returning to the scene of the incident so close to the 1 year anniversary.


Looking forward to seeing a bunch of friendly faces.


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