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Posting Photos

Scott Ferguson

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When you attach a photo to one of your posts, it takes up disc space on the server that provides us with this forum. For a while now, we have had more uploaded photos than we were allowed space to use. Recently, the server stopped allowing attachments to our posts because of overloading. To remedy this I had to delete hundreds of photos most of which were more than a year old. Some of them were recent but were so large they were taking up too much space.

Today's newer cameras take high resolution photos that are 20 to 50 times bigger than pictures from just a couple of years ago. It is very important that before you attach a photo to your post, that you attempt to reduce the size before you attach it. I realize that few of you may own software like PhotoShop that makes it easy to reduce the size of your photos but there are many web sites that will do it for you for free. If you Google, "resize photos" dozens of sites will pop up. I use one called TinyPic.com. Many of them (like TinyPic) will also give you a link that you can copy and paste into your post so that your photo will take up no space at all on our server.

Please try and be sure not to upload full size images with your posts. If you have problems or need help, I can put them in your posts for you. If you do attach full size photos be aware that I may have to delete them. Thanks for the help.

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You can also use use/open your picture with Microsoft Office Picture Manager. At the top is your tool bar and other options such as file etc. Click on Picture and you'll have all your options listed including Crop and Resize. For resize you have 3 options I believe. I crop first and then resize using the percentage option. 30-20 percent (of original) gives me something similar or smaller to Eric's 720/482.


Just remember if you want to keep your original you'll need to make a copy of your changes. When you are satisfied with your changes just go under File and click on Save As. Then rename it and click save. When you close your original DO NOT save changes and you'll have the original and a smaller copy to upload.

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Guest Don R

We have found a way to limit the amount that anyone can attach to any post. If your pictures files are small, you can put several, if the file size is large, you may be able to attach only one.


Way cool...thanks!


I may just stick to using tinypic.com anyway. I used to down size my original high resolution pics prior to posting them on this site. This would leave me with two copies of the photo on my computer. Do that a thousand times and it starts taking up some serious space on a way too old computer. I like to use the highest resolution setting on my camera just in case I want to print a large sized photo. I haven't done so as of yet..but ya never know.


I'll continue to use the highest resolution on my camera and keep one copy in my computer. When using tinypic there is a drop down tab for resizing. I'll choose the 'message board 640X480' size for this site. They give you six size options to choose from. Avatar 100X75 is the smallest and 17" screen 1024X758 is the largest.


Another option would be to check the settings on your camera. If you have absolutely no desire to have any of your pics enlarged for printing....most digital cameras have a setting close to 640X480 for message board posting. Set your camera up that way and it will eliminate one small step in the process of uploading your pics.

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Scott, "Many of them (like TinyPic) will also give you a link that you can copy and paste into your post so that your photo will take up no space at all on our server."


That sounds like one of the best answers to the space problem. I was wondering if it was OK to host on sites like Photobucket and link to put pictures into posts. Or was it better to store ths pic on the ISA site? Now I know the answer and will continue with Photobucket. Besides saving space for ISA, it gives me a way to put the same pic on other sites. The "IMG code" is easily copied and provides a link to a downsized pic.



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