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I think I just fished Kilbuck creek. It was about 3 miles west of Monroe center Illinois on 72. Anyone ever fish this water or know if it holds any good fish? I only fished it for about 20mins before some training and didn't catch anything.

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It had to have been the Kilbuck but I don't see it tying in with the Rock, plus there's the Kilbuck dam

that keeps fish from going too far up stream and that's before route 251. Now Stillman Creek is another story.

Being you said it was only about 3 miles west of Monroe it had to have been the Kilbuck.

Stillman Creek is a bit further.

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I was looking on Bing maps today and noticed that they (bing maps) are listing names of all creeks on the maps. I like that!

Some creeks are fish-able and some I'm sure are not. I could see having a private discussion with someone on these creeks whether the are fish-able or not.

Don't want to know any spots, just want to know if they are fish-able.

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