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Explosion Follow-up

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Interesting to see that this was dealt with, whether just a formality or action taking place.


February 9, 2011



Illinois EPA Cites Kankakee River Metropolitan Agency for Clean Water Violations

December explosion at treatment plant resulted in illegal discharges into the Kankakee River



SPRINGFIELD—The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency has issued a violation notice to the Kankakee River Metropolitan Agency (KRMA) for violations of the Environmental Protection Act and Illinois Regulations. The Agency alleges that an illegal release into the waters of the state occurred as a result of a December 27, 2010, explosion that damaged the KRMA waste water treatment plant.


According to information gathered during Illinois EPA’s post-explosion investigation, methane gas accumulated in the digester, causing the explosion and damaging the waste digestion facilities. This resulted in a discharge of biosolids to the Kankakee River. The violation notice alleges improper operational conditions leading to the methane build-up, as well as for the discharge of biosolids to the river.


Shortly after the explosion, the Illinois EPA inspector discovered that biosolids from the digesters, diluted with clean water from a broken water line, were being discharged via a 10 inch sewer line to the Kankakee River. Discharges of sludge to the river resulting from the explosion have since been halted.


In the violation notice, the Illinois EPA asks KRMA to ensure that discharge of any contaminants that cause or threaten to cause water pollution have ceased and to establish and implement procedures to assure that further discharges of contaminants do not occur. Compliance is expected to be pursued immediately.


KRMA has 45 days to respond to the Agency’s allegations. They may also request a meeting with Illinois EPA staff to discuss the allegations and/or potential resolutions.

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There was the screw up with the bladder at the dam which dewatered the river below the dam, the explosion and an event which went unreported, they screwed up their permits and got heavily fined. Time fpr a change in administration at the KRMA?

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After reading this here's my question....


If municipalities or water treatment plants are knowingly in bad shape, needs repair, or is outdated and the plant discharges untreated water into the river as the result of something that could have been prevented, shouldn't this be a violation?


I'm asking this because this is a common occurace along the Fox River....it happens over and over again. It's not even a matter of if it will happen, it's a matter of when it will happen....hopefully none of you guys will be wading that day!

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