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Northwest (Rockford ) Meeting Jan 14th


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On Friday the 14th at 7:00 we will meet at the Gander Mountain in Rockford. Other than pizza, the highlight of the evening will be a presentation by Dan Kane of the Boone County Conservation District. Dan will give a Power Point presentation about the Kishwaukee stream barb installation that is being partially funded by the ISA. Dan is extremely knowledgable and enthusiastic, so it should be very interesting.


We will also discuss the upcoming outing schedule and the Rockford Fishing show. Please respond here if you will be joining us, so we know how much food/bev will be required. I know Mike G won't be able to make it, and Terry "Swami" Dodge is back to second shift, so he probably won't either. (Maybe we'll have to do a weekend meeting next). It would be nice to have a decent showing, so everyone else: please try to make it!

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Good to know. I'll give that book to Jude (the liberian) Torre so that he may return it to you.


How did you know I was born in Liberia?! You can drop the book off down here at my office, Swami. (The "Engineering" window to the right of the fish tank as you come in.)


Rich: If the weather guys have a clue, Friday should be just fine for driving. If.

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Had a very good turnout to see an excellent power point presentation by the B.C.C. District's Dan Kane. Attendees included me, Paul T and Paul Sr., Jim Reader, Pat Moser, Paul Scordato, Chuck Lynch, Chuck Fletcher, Larry Kimpan, and Rich "Chub" McElligot. After pizza and the presentation, we discussed the upcoming outing season and our next meeting. We have five outings lined up, and we're thinking about a meeting on March 19th. A few guys have suggested a weekend meeting, and the 19th is a Saturday. Paul and I will firm up a meeting plan soon and post the details, as well as details about outings.

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