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How pervasive are leeches throughout your area of Illinois?

Rob G


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  1. 1. How often do you see leeches in your local waters?

    • Frequently
    • Occasionally
    • Almost never
    • Only when I take one of my in-laws fishing with me

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Was getting ready to tie up some different flies and a leech pattern was suggested to me. Though I see them all the time up north, I almost never see one on our local rivers down here in central Illinois. Was curious just how pervasive they are throughout Illinois. Thanks.

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I don't think it matters. Bass will eat anything they think might be food. I've never seen a spinner bait in the wild but fish still try and eat them. The old Berkely Power leech was a dynamite bait in the rivers around here so there is no reason a leech pattern fly would not catch fish. Rabbit strip flies do a good leech imitation and they work well.

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Never seen one in the DuPage river, but I occasionaly find one stuck on my leg when I wet wade in the vermillion river..


Either way, If it has good action in the water something will eat it. I too used to fish the berkley power leech in ponds that I knew had no leech population and yet the bass were slamming them with a vengeance.

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