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Question on ISA Merchandise

Rob G

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Not sure who would be in charge of obtaining our ISA merchandise but was curious if we could come up with a hat similar to what the Indiana Smallmouth Alliance has. They're really nice hats made from a high tech material with a neat emblem. I know mine is very comfortable. Anyway, just tossing it out there because I think we could sell a few and it advertises well for the organization.



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When we first got the logo we currently use back in September of 2001, we sent Cafe Press the logo. Almost no one ever bought anything from there and we did nothing with them ever since. As a matter of fact, the logo they have has a smallmouth that is green instead of bronze. We had the color changed within a month of getting it and never sent Cafe Press the updated version. If you do order anything with our logo on it from them, it will be green!

"Embroid Me" in Lombard or Shorewood, IL will embroider our logo (correct colors) on your choice of clothing, shirt, jacket, hat, vest or whatever for around $10.

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We've had ISA hats for over 10 years. At least 6 different varieties. Here are 2 we currently have in stock. I'll probably add a 3rd version at the Blowout.



Hey! That hat on the left looks like mine. The last time I saw it, it was floating down the Current River without me two years ago when my canoe upset. Wondered where it went.

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