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Fly Tying in Bloomington

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Hello Gentleman,

It's been awhile since we have talked about tying in Bloomington. I was thinking the other day about puting a schedual together for this winter. That way it's done and we won't have top worry about it. We can also plan around it.


Bloomington Fire Dept. has a brand new station. It is located just off Towanda Barnes rd. at 4040 E. Oakland drive, Bloomington IL.

WARNING If you type this address into yahoo maps, it will give you the wrong place.


To get to the station, Go east on Empire (route 9) passed the airport. Turn right (south) onto Towanda Barnes rd. Go to the next light, that is Oakland ave. Turn right (west) and go straight to the end. The fire house is on the right.


We can keep it simple like 2nd or 3rd sunday afternoon, like last year. We can use it as late as we want. Or we can pick another day. It doesn't matter.


As soon as I get some feedback on this I will start making a schedual and I will reserve all the days.


I hope by doing this ahead of time, we can get even more guys there to tie.


I am looking forward to seeing all of you again.


Tight Lines

Tim Baer


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Sundays are best for me. With things being crazy busy at Cat I usually wind up working 3 out of 4 Saturdays a month (gotta take it while you can, right?).


Noon to 1 o'clock is the best time for me as that gives me time to get home from church, grab something quick to eat, and get my stuff. The new firehouse sounds like a good location since we have some members coming from the Champaign/Danville area. Also, if one of you from that area want to schedule some meetings in Champaign that would be great. The library we met at last time worked out well, although I wish the room was a little larger. I especially liked the little pub we ate at afterwards!


I never look forward to winter in Illinois but the tying sessions are a definate bright spot in an otherwise dreary Illinois winter. I'm pumped and ready!


Let me know if I can help in any way, Tim.



P.S. That is one chunky bluegill!

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Sunday afternoons would suit me as well. There may be a football game or two that conflicts, but a guy has to make tough choices sometimes. Didn't I see that there is some kind of session in Urbana in November? Would that be a good starting event? When we get through January we won't have as many football conflicts, or probably we won't care by then.

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Sunday afternoons generally work well for me also.


John I. and I are trying to schedule a guest speaker for November 14th at the Urbana library in the larger room. Hopefully more details to come soon.


TimothyT and the southpaw, are you in? :D


And yeah, that's a nice gill.

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