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Kids Trout Day Follow-Up

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Many thanks to our volunteers for making this happen for the kids.


Ed, help me out here to finish the story.......


B and Kevin D and myself showed up in the early morning darkness to

volunteer our services to the 135 kids and their parents who showed up

despite the nasty weather.Many of them knew what they were doing,but

some folks were completely new to fishing and it was very rewarding to

help them get started the right way.Every one did pretty well untill the

weather really got nasty later in the morning.

I also got one of the other volunteers interested in joining the ISA,I'm

sure we'll see his check soon.

We also got quite an education from Don LaBrose,he does love to talk

about his job.


Ed Buric




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I would like to tip my hat to the Dupage DNR for supplying free loaner fishing rods properly set up for the trout fishing. It made the event very enjoyable for many families. My favorite was a guy that came from Naperville with his 3 kids and was supposed to be meeting with some friends that were going to show him and the kids how to fish. He called his friends only to find out they had not left home yet. With the rods and bait supplied by the DNR this guy and his kids had 6 trout before his friends showed up. I could tell the kids are now hooked on fishing. This is what this event is all about.

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To add to the follow up; it started out with nice weather but towards mid morning the cold front finally showed up and got a little chilly and pretty rainy. The kids and their parents really stuck it out though. Saw a decent amount of fish caught and some happy kids. Jim picked up a good amount of garbage. I had a nice conversation with the one volunteer Ed mentioned. I let him know a little more of what the ISA does and he was seemed intrigued. Really nice guy, hope he joins. I kept trying to place a couple that was also volunteering and we finally figured out that it was at the Rosemont show where I saw them when I worked last year. Small world at times...


Went back Monday with my kids and my oldest managed one trout despite the sunshine. He had to catch and prepare a fish as part of his fishing merit badge for scouts and this worked out nicely. He didn't mind cleaning the fish but then when I had him battering he was pretty grossed out when the egg and flour got all sticky on his hands. Quite comical.

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I had a great time helping. I got to talk to a lot of people. I helped a few families with their kids...and even if they didn't need the help I offered anyway. Some Dad's are just too proud....One Dad and several kids who want to fish is tough to manage. The weather was on the rainy side but it was a great event for the kids. I advocated in a post last year that the trout should be for the kids. I was happy to have helped for this event! It's a great way to get them involved. Like Kevin said, I picked up quite a bit of trash...I didn't mind because there were many people watching....I hope I taught a few of them that it's not ok to litter and to respect our resources. I hope to be back next year!

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