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Deer Hair Day - Schedule


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At Cory Gale & Michael Taylor's request, Joseph Meyer @ One More Cast has opened his shop for a day of instruction, practice, and patterns on tying with deer hair. Deer Hair Day is this Saturday, March 20th, 9am to 4pm.

Note 1: This tying event is suitable for new (never tied with deer hair before) and experienced tyers.

Note 2: This is not an all day commitment on your part. Feel free to come & go as your schedule (and significant other) allows.

Here is a schedule to help you plan your day.

9-10am: Material handling and Stacking skills

10-11am: Stacking & the Dahlberg Diver (variant) - haircut by Michael Taylor

11-12n: The Zoo Cougar, a different kind of deer hair animal - Joseph Meyer

12n-1pm: LUNCH - Bring $5 to kick in for pizza

1-2pm: Tails, Collars, Legs, and Spinning

2-3pm: Trimming a Deer Hair Popper - Cory Gale

3-4pm: Q&A Time including 'How to...' on specific problems


Come on out and enjoy a fun day of tying.

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I want to ditto Pat's thanks to all who made the day possible. You may have created another monster though, I tried it again at Sunday's gathering in Bloomington, and apparently some of the previous days' instructions stuck. It didn't look too bad, imho. Now I need to figure out those instructions and post a photo of Sunday's effort. That's probably for some other weekend, as a guy can only learn so much in a short time. BTW, Dave Franklin was a big help on Sunday's venture with the deer hair.

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I love it when a 'monster' is created. Just keep on tieing those big bugs, Fred. You're going to love those big blow-ups on your deer hair bug on a hot summer evening. OOH YEAH! I can feel that adrenalin rush from here.


Thanks for coming up and tieing with us. I was a really good day.



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Thanks Cory, Michael & Joseph for a great job on intro to deer hair. Total of 15 tyers in attendance for this one. One of these days we need to do a combined day with the central region group. I left at 1pm but heard that you were tying until after 5pm!


Golly, I thought that was a combined day with the central region group. :P Should I move? :blink:

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