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December Bronzeback Bulletin

Guest rich mc

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Re the "Justice Served" article a great many smb would be saved from poachers every year if game wardens would simply concentrate their efforts on river dams where I believe in percentage terms at least the highest amount of illegal fishing occurs.All it would take is to have one stationed in the adjoining parking lot eating donuts/drinking coffee in an unmarked car.

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Ron, not enough officers.


All the more reason to have them concentrate at the hi percentage dams.I agree that with all the dams a warden working the Fox would be spread pretty thin.But one working the Wilmington dam & another at the Shorewood dam would save alot of smb from poachers every year in the Kank & the Dupe.They wouldn't have to be there continuously but only be around often enuf to let it be known that fishing the dams illegally is too risky.

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