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Speaking of Rats...

Mike Clifford

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I have exhausted all but my topwater version of the old Bettencourt Baits rodents, and just came upon a very interesting variation on the diving rodent concept:




It's made by Rago Baits.

Full Preview:



What say you?

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Guest rich mc

check out the rats, snakes and frogs on www.bogbaits.com even have the new 3 d eyes for us fly tyers . another neat item is the buzz bait blade that is attached to a big hook for your plastic rich

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Mike, I have a chocolate lab, I could prolly sweep up enough hair to cover them rats if you want to glue it on them. Either that or wait til I get my annual trim if you want white rats.

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I would go one step further....use Norm's hair of course, but then I would alter the bait a bit to make it more realistic. First get some super glue and cut off the tail. Go to Pet Smart and Pick up one of their adult frozen rats. With some simple surgery you can remove the tail. Then carefully replace the old fake one with a real new one! Of course you can thaw and use the frozen rat on a single number 5 hook but they don't hold up as well....they also tend to float on their backs....:)

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