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Tying West - New Season Starts 9/28


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This is an open invitation for ISA members and guests (Potential members) to join the new season of Fly Tying with ISA Bassbuggers West. Joseph Meyer has generously opened his shop, One More Cast, to us for our 4th Monday adventures in fly tying and story telling. It's the "hot stove league" of fly angling.

Back by popular demand, our very own Michael Taylor will be demo-ing a "mylar" fly pattern that he has fished, quite successfully, this summer.

Please come prepared to discuss your ideas of other patterns/techniques/skills that you would like to learn this season.

Please note that even if you've never tied a fly and just want to see what it's all about, you are welcome to come and join the fun and comraderie that is Bassbuggers West.


cory gale (4th monday facilitator)

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Hi Pete,

If you can bring a fly tying vise and basic fly tying tools (bobbin, scissors, etc), those would be good to bring. However, if you do not have those, please, come anyway and we can set you up with a "loner". Go ahead and bring your boys. We'll have some fun together and tie up an effective local smallie pattern.


We meet at One More Cast in Countryside, IL

We start setting up at 6pm, start tying at 6:30 and finish by 8pm.


Looking forward to seeing you tonight.


Cory Gale

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Those sessions sound fun, but why the label "west", since they are held way over there on the east side. I'd think the Quad Cities or Peoria might qualify as "west", but not Countryside. I'd try to attend, but it's too far out east.

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