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ten pound smallmouth


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OK, now that I got your attention I wish I could say that I caught it. I just got my news letter from the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame in Hayward, Wisconsin and there is a new #16 lb class smallmouth record. It was caught 11/26/08 in the Menominee River, MI by Chris Kubichek. Now sit down, it weighed 10 lbs 4 ozs!!! Has anyone else heard about this? I thought big smallies came from down here? Do I hear road trip?

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This isn't some small town newspaper, it's from the Hall of Fame who keeps the world records. This is a verified fish and now is the new record. There is a picture and it is HUGE! Is the Menominee the border between Wis and Mi or does part of it run in only one state? Call for yourself, Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum, Hayward, WI 715-634-4440

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Are we going to have fun November 7th at the ISA meeting in the Bollingbrook Bass Pro Shop. The man who caught the 10 pound 4 ounce 16 pound test line record Smallmouth Bass has finally consented to give me an interview in which he shared all of the particulars about his catch.


He says he has not granted any press interviews as he caught a lot of grief from a picture some time ago that was in the newspaper showing 5 walleyes from 7 to 10 pounds out of Winebago. Of course the guide wants some press to attract more clients.


It wasn't an accident...he caught about 30 Smallies before this one that day and caught a few more before calling it a day. He was on a guided trip and I will have the name and phone number of that guide.


There are a lot of added particulars that I will share with attendees and may or may not be allowed to publish pending his decision. So be there if you want to know for sure.


One day in July he says he caught around 100 and 10 were over 20 inches!!! using this method.


Will anyone even look at the old fishing stuff I'm bringing?



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At this time I have not been given permission to share the information on this catch in any other forum than our meeting on November 7th. This was only shared with me after persistent efforts and as a result of my assuring the succesful angler of how we do not post places etc. and ISA members can keep our mouths shut so places don't get mobbed and ruined.


I'm still trying to get permission to write an article about this great fish but already see why someone who makes such a great catch may not seek publicity. Several have begun to make disparaging remarks without knowing anything about the fish or the man who caught her. As he said..."Who needs the grief".


Here's just one example...he wanted to release her back into the water she came from but was prohibited from doing so by the Wisconsin DNR. Do the people who criticized him for not releasing the fish know this or know why? No. Do they care??? Does this stop them from criticizing him? No!


Is it machoism that didn't believe Buck Perry made great catches? There are angling techniques and feats that will be celebrated and learned from by a only a few and not believed, studied or adopted by the masses. And that's why 5% of the fishermen catch 95% of the fish.

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