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monday night fish ?/

Steve SPIZ

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fished south with James and found a carp with a chell crawer I tied (thanks rich mc ) took me for a fast walk to a eddie me and James pounded the Iland with spining and fly rod I snagged a nother sliver bass and James called me the carp master alittle more down stream came to a nice flow were james was floting a fly on top the fly drifted right on the seam were a smallie atack happen and james keept us from the skunk for the night


look foward to saturday casting and fishing that area again

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Monday was a great evening outing. Great weather, and had the opportunity to meet other members. Steve S gave some real insights on reading the river. The smallie caught was on a two tone, yellow top/black bottom, gartside bass bug. (At least, it was my attempt of tying a gartside bass bug.) Steve put me in the right spot, instructed where to put the fly, and we watched it drift down the seam. Wham! It was a classic, instructional led smallie lesson with the fish cooperating.


Lots of fun watching the carp master, and learning more about river fishing. Thanks Steve!


Also, Big Thanks to John L for arranging the outing. I believe we all caught fish, not great in size, but what the heck, the rods were bent. (I must admit, at one point a the snag felt good for a brief moment!)


Looking forward to Saturday's event.



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