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Casting outing 8/1/09

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8/1 Short Rod Shootout 9:00AM Glenwood Park Forest Preserve south of Batavia on Rte. 25

Something new – we will test cast a group of rods & line weights that are designed to cast large flies & fight big fish in heavy cover. Sage Bass 7’ 11” rods, Ross Flystik 6 & 8 wt, Redington Predator 6 & 8 wt. and TFO Mangrove 7’ 6” 6 & 8 wt. are part of this lineup. A new niche market, these rods are aimed at warmwater use, they are shorter than most of the rods we fish & priced at 1/3 to ½ of most top end rods. A chance to try them on the water side by side.

Bring your own rods to work on your casting or fish later.

While not a class it will be a good time to learn from your fellow Bassbuggers. I’ll grill some dogs for lunch about 11:30 & we will target some areas to fish afterwards. Questions PM or call me. John L

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Who: Illinois Smallmouth Alliance in conjunction with One More Cast fly shop.


Where: Glenwood park just below the South Batavia Dam on the Fox River


When: Saturday August 1st starting at 9:00 a.m. running until lunch.


What: A unique opportunity to cast selected Bass/Saltwater 6 and 8 weight rods....all under 8 feet in length with flies; the big hairy, wind resistant ones we love to throw to bass, on moving water. These are the Bank Shooter, Mangrove Bangin', Dock Hammering rods that you've read about and may have cast at Fly Shows. This is your chance to actually fish these rods.


I will have the 7' 11" Sage Bluegill and Smallmouth Rods, the 7' 6" TICRx rods from TFO, the 7' 6" Flystick rods from Ross along with the 7' 6" Predator rods from Redington plus a few brand new surprises that no one has seen nor have they fished.


John Lobach from the ISA in cooking some hot dogs, we will provide some beverages so plan on sticking around.





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Guest rich mc

this is just what i am looking for. i can find out which would work better throwing my chennile worms that get heavy. there is nothing better than pre casting a rod on the water before buying one. and with Joseph there a few pointers on improving casting these flies is extremely welcome. rich

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A reminder that this one time event is this Saturday - don't miss it! Joe Cornwall author of Fly Fishing Warm Water Rivers has RSVP'd to this event - check out his web site Fly Fish Ohio. It'll be fun to meet him, another urban warm water enthusiast much like most of the Bassbuggers. Hope the catching improves by Saturday. The river is in great summer shape, clearer than usual because of the flushing from all those spring rains. Lets keep this thread at the top this week, anyone coming sign on!

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