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rock river 7/11/09

eugene f collins

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:( well, dad & I were out all day. deciding if we will fish the rock anymore. 10 hours on the water. Started out up at byron launch. Its been years since we launched up there, usually castlerock or lowell. tried to get up above FISH KILL ZONE. Fell short of kish, boat is too slow. old fiberglass boat with a9.9 slow slow slow .But the blue bath tub almost always gets rid of the skunk.Today= tough day 5 fish allday...... last time we were on this section we caught 10 times more fish. Today we tried top water, shallow cranks,mid cranks(2 lgm 22inch catfish 1smallie), spinnerbaits, 9 different crayfish, (big smallie) dropshot, fluke, lizards, jig&pig(almost a pike ) THE RIVERS POLLUTED! EH!!!! Decided not to fish the rock river kill zone anymore :angry: I will miss the variety you could catch on any given cast. my personnal biggest walleye (7.5#) came out of the rock. biggest catfish( 32#).. I really want to post this picture of a little bass. but my favorite pic of the day was dad snagging a little plastic sand box. He thought he finally kicked the skunk out, No dice. yet again this computer & me dont speek the same language.. some day I will figure it out then i will post a 100 pics. Im thinking of looking at the rock river near state line. any suggestions would be appreciated




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ahhh kids, what we do with electronics without them.. :rolleyes:



correct me if i'm wrong anyone, but that first picture looks like a MUSKY, with the vertical bars on the side..a northern has more horizontal lines/spots i believe..

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Tyically I fish Rock river tribs while wading or canoeing during the summer. I don't really start targeting smallmouth on the Rock while fishing from my boat until September and the bite will last until early November. The river is OK to boat to Rockton now but it can be a prop eater up that way with low water. If you really want some success find someone that will let you launch on the pool between Rockton and Beloit. There are no public lauches through that section. The multi-species fishing is pretty untapped.

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