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2009 Military Kids Day Details

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The 2009 Military Kids Day is set, and we are returning to Herrick Lake in Wheaton for this 3rd Annual installment.

Saturday, August 22 is the date.


The ISA participation will consist of helping the kids catch fish and a special edition of the Conservation Station tent.

I'll be looking for a couple fly tiers to demonstrate their wares and fly anglers to demo the flies out on the water.


Rather than doing the typical Kids Casting, I'm asking instead this year that members come prepared to help the kids rig and land fish.

It's important to note that our members are every bit a part of the festivities as well.

If you have family members in the armed forces, police or fire professions- we expect you to bring the kids along!


As always, Sgt. Tommy's Kids is providing brand new rods/reels and tackle for every child to take home with them after the event.

Lunch and the usual hot and buttery corn-on-the-cob will be served for all, while crafts and games round out a unique outdoors experience.


You heard Marc Miller and Kraig McPeek speak at the Blowout regarding the importance of passing the torch to the next generation. That's what this is all about.

Preserving, protecting, educating and enhancing.

The largest fishing organization in the state teaming up with an organization providing the single biggest event that the non-profit sector can provide for kids and fishing.

Last year, this one day event operated to the tune of $11,000.

We provided the impetus and the work ethic.

Fundraising on behalf of Sgt. Tommy's Kids and relentless planning provided the means.

In the early days, the ISA budget for the Kids Fishing Day was a few hundred bucks.

We've come a long way in a short period of time to meet the need.


That's commitment on a major scale.


An online sign-up form is now available for registering kids:



For a peak at the past 2 events, take a look at our videos and photos:


Click Here For Photos





Military Kids Fishing Day 2008 - The best video clips are right here

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The rods/reel/tackle were ordered and have been received for 200+ young anglers.

Lunch from Jimmy John's is secured.


Too many small details to mention.


2 weeks from Saturday.

I'm really, really pumped.


Wear your fishing vest if possible, I'll have all kinds of bobbers and hooks to fill your pockets.

We're not casting this year, we're fishing!


As for breakfast before, somebody pick a time and place!

I'll have a van full of kids, so I'll do my best for that.


We're doing a "fishing clinic" and assisting the kids in their fishing portion of the day's events.

The ISA has taught thousands of kids how to cast over the years, and now it's time to teach them to actually catch those fish.


The Conservation Station tent will be set up for educational literature, wildlife poster giveaways, and fly tying.

Your Bassbuggers are always on board when it matters most, so give it up for these folks for all they do to promote your club.


So, who else is on board for conservation on August 22nd?


Give a shout.

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I will be there. Do you have directions? Also what time do we need to be there?

Ted Peterson

I suggest Mapquest.com or Google maps for driving directions from anyone's own hometown.

Here is a start:



Around 8 a.m. would be greatly appreciated for volunteers.

Thanks Ted!

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Bob Maciulis did a great job showcasing this event in his newspaper column- http://www.suburbanchicagonews.com/beaconn...-090728.article

AND I happened to get the release to him late in the month, but there we are inside the front cover on page 3 of the Outdoor Notebook!

We'll be talking with Bob on his radio show a week from Saturday as well.


ISA member Dan Basore will once again be providing a fabulous display of his antique fishing tackle....always a wonderful treat!


Bob Long Jr. is sending some volunteers from Mayor Daley's fishing program to help as well.

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This Saturday, Bob Maciulis will have Kalyn Cooper from Sgt. Tommy's Kids on the radio at 6 a.m.- WJOL.

Be sure to tune in or listen online!

He will be calling me afterward for a little conservation talk as well.


We'll be represented well on the radio gigs once again this week.

Hopefully people take this conservation thing to heart and these spots help to make a difference- somewhere, somehow.

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I am intrested in helping with this event. is there still room? wont be at the computer for more than another 2 hours. so if you do need me there please call me at (847)209 4629.


Yes, there is room for every volunteer we can muster.

We are helping the kids fish, as well as participating in a "Learning Center" station that involves a little introduction to casting and fishing.


I'm asking volunteers to arrive at about 8 a.m.


Thank you!

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Yes, there is room for every volunteer we can muster.

We are helping the kids fish, as well as participating in a "Learning Center" station that involves a little introduction to casting and fishing.


I'm asking volunteers to arrive at about 8 a.m.


Thank you!

i will plan on being there early. having some issues with work. praying for saturday off.(very unussual for me,)l

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