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May/June Bulletin Arrived 5/26-River Access?

Mike G

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I got mine yesterday. As usual, it is a keeper. I have read it cover to cover already. (May 26, 61019 if we are still playing that game.)


Hat's off or thumbs up to Jonn Graham for picking up the topic of access to rivers in Illinois. I have long thought that improving our access to "water that belongs to the people" is the most efficient way to upgrade fishing in the state. It sure beats buying parkland or building a reservoir from scratch. Since the article is more of a trial baloon on the topic, Jonn did not detail a course of action. I expect there is more to come. I, for one, say let's dig into it instead of shying away. "Problems worthy of attack prove their worth by striking back." (Piet Heim)


Wadaya think?

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I think the reason access laws are friendlier in Wis. & Mi. where land ownership ends at the" high water mark" is that their income is more dependent on outdoor activities to a point where landowners have been persuaded by the state to grant access to rivers on their property. Thus the ladders(stiles) spanning their fences.

I don't see how in our state a floater would be trespassing if the water itself isn't private property which it is in the West.I would think that could be successfully challenged in court if that is the case. Also I've always thought that unless the landowner owns the land on both sides of a river his ownership ends in midstream and if your beyond midstream even wading he has no right to tell you to leave but only the owner of the far bank if privately owned would.Does anyone know if that is in fact the case?

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