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ISA Recognized In B.A.S.S. Times Magazine

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Many thanks to Steve Salinas for passing this along.


Hard work eventually leads to recognition by our peers in a positive light both locally and nationally.

Keep at it gang, the resource will benefit from your efforts in so many ways.


May 2009 Edition, B.A.S.S. Times Magazine

Article attached:


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B.A.S.S. donates money towards conservation grants throughout the country and run conservation articles monthly in their magazine. As witnessed by this article in their other publication they keep abreast of conservation events that can affect not only bass but other species and wildlife as well.

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Had an interesting dinner conversation at a Prairie Rivers dinner years ago with a professor and renowned smallmouth author (based on extensive studies, etc.). He flatly stated to me that he feels strongly B.A.S.S. will go to a catch, weigh and immediate release format in the next decade.


Not sure what to make of it, but that was interesting to pontificate.

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Credit BASS for popularizing catch and release in the US. Until Ray Scott adopted the live release policy for his tournaments, C&R was a minority of a minority position. That is, some fly anglers inspired by Lee Wolf and other fly gurus were doing it. BASS put it into the mainstream. So what is wrong with BASS?

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