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Couldn't Stay Dry


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Fished 5 hours Friday afternoon. Like the rest of this season so far the water was moderately high with a pretty strong flow. It was also moderately clear.Started fishing the edge of a particularly strong current and immediately hit a hard fighter of at least 16".After getting him close enuf for a good look he tore free.When a cupl casts later I hit one that turned out to be 17.25" I knew better than to fight him in that current working him instead towards the bank where I landed him with my 4wt.

Car hopped to another spot where I got a 16.All 3 strikes came in the 1st hour on a tequeeley fly.Since it was warm and sunny I also briefly tried a bassbug.Couldn't buy a fish the next 4 hours in several different sections the last being where I,d had some lucka few weeks ago.Capped the day off by falling in at the last spot.Almost lost my rod but was able to retrieve it as I struggled for footing.Lost only a cap.Finally got smart after losing good sunglasses in other such incidents and had them tethered around my neck this time.If last year is any indication I can look forward to swimming with the fishes at least 2 more times this year despite carrying a wading staff and wearing studded boots.Guess it's a combination of getting old and having a knee stiffened with arthritis from having all the cartilage removed as a result of a football injury in high school.

Fished again Sunday afternoon.While the ceaseless drizzling got me wet again it also kept all the "sports" at home giving me the river all to myself, a rarity these days especially on a weekend.Tried the 1st spot I'd fished Friday and got a 16.25 again on a tequeeley.Went on to several spots that I hadn't fished on Friday.Hit 2 more losing what was likely a nice one and landing a 16" female swollen with roe.Looked like she'd swallowed a tennis ball.They came on a bluegill pattern and a meat whistle.Water temp despite the clouds was 58.Fishing these 2 days was pretty tough requiring a lot of hours for what was caught.Speaking for myself it's gotten tougher the last cupl years probably from increased siltation,weeds & fishing pressure.At least the size is still good.

Since I fish so often I'm thinking of doing only an occasional report from now on as a summary of any # of outtings instead of doing one every time or two I go out.If I do how about some of you other flyguys doing some reports as well as just commiserating with each other about this or that fly?Remember even the ugliest fly looks better hanging from a fish's jaw than the prettiest fly does hanging from a vice.



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Thanks Ron.

I will make an attempt to fish more this year, in order to post more.


Can't have one without the other.


Though I'll have spinning gear in hand (hey, it took Graham this long, give me some time!).


Very inspirational, seeing those photos, especially that one on the bottom right.

Nice chunky fish.


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