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More Favorable Press

Mike Clifford

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Norm Minas and the Illinois Smallmouth Alliance will host a Kankakee River CleanUp on June 7. This remarkably selfless organization is one of the largest outdoors clubs in the state, pushing a membership approaching 600.Ironically, many of the members spend more time working on conservation and environmental projects than they do fishing.


Some of the successes we owe to the ISA include the closed smallmouth season on Illinois' rivers and streams during the period when they are spawning (until June 15), the posting of regulations along hundreds of miles of rivers alerting anglers to the new regulations, the rehabbing of stream and building bank supports to prevent erosion, stocking, shocking and help with fisheries management and myriad educational seminars and programs.


One can tire just cataloguing all this relatively young organization founded in 1994 by a handful of anglers with a passion for smallmouth bass and the places they live has already slipped under its belt.


There is simply no better way to become a better angler, to learn more about our local fisheries or to enjoy your time on the water more than by joining a local fishing club.


For moreabout the ISA or if you are looking for a wonderful group that also hosts dozens of fishing trips -- most involve wading or bank fishing -- on local rivers and tributaries, log on to their web site at www.illinoissmallmouthalliance.com or by contacting one of its coordinators

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Probably Bob, I sent him an email as he asked me recently about coming on the radio program. If he can find the time I'll go on to promote the event.

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