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river smallies down?

Guest airbornemike

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I added a new username last Sat and got the confirmation on it which I sent through. I then tried to use it on Sunday but it didn't work at all and I kept getting error messages. So, I then sent about four messages through asking them why it didn't work and could they fix it? The e-mails bounced when sent from my home computer, so I sent them back via my office machine. They didn't come back but no one responded to any of those at all. The boards were up until about a day ago and now those don't work at all.

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It's back up now.



yeah, i seen that at 12 am last night. can you imagine if both these sites went down for a week..with the weather breaking for the better it wouldn't be too bad, but when its crappy out, well i don't have to tell you.. :lol:

of course Norm will fish no matter what. ;)

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Fishing always comes first, second , third , fourth, fifth................ talking about fishing on the internet somewhere well behind that.


That rain was cold today, I'm finally getting warm.



Oh, I also wrote two more articles before I got on line.

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