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Flies of the ISA - followup

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Short note on results from todays event:

30 attended

6 patterns tied all but 2 taught twice

raffle for donors of show/blowout flies drawn

signed FOUR new members to ISA

7 members taught 10 group ties

Thank you to all involved. Welcome new members Patrick Lynch, Ernie Brevik, Greg Rapson, Gregg Taylor! Pictures to follow in a day or so.

A grateful nod for instructing to Stuart Van Dorn, Alan Sherman, Rich McElligott, Joseph Miers, Cory Gayle, Josh Borton, and Michael Taylor.

John L.



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Guest rich mc

it was a super event for ISA. Hats off to john for organizing the whole thing and for One More Cast for hosting the all day affair. it was a great mix of eager to learn tyers and some very unique patterns. raffle items were a big hit! Welcome to the new members! rich

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Once again a great event, bravo to the presenters, organizers and the One More Cast staff for putting this on.


All seven patterns advertized were tied and I did six before having to hit the road for the long ride home. Dont take that wrong, this event was worth the drive.


All of the fly's were definetley ones I will use. They all will catch fish and for the most part are patterns I havent tied or fished before. Im still excited about the prospects of using these new flys.


Just a word about the skill level needed to attend one of these events. If you have a vise a pair of sissors and a bobbin and can spell f-l-y you are skilled enough.

With the help of others at the table, and the presenter, a beginning tier would be able to tie along with the veterans. In one of the pictures there is a young boy seated with his father and tying right along with the rest of us. I beleive his dad will be buying tying materials for him for a number of years to come.

Nicely done Dad!

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Sounds and appears this proved to be an outstanding event as expected. Sorry I had to miss it. Regretfully, my elderly Mother fell which precluded me from attending. I do recall from prior years' events that copies of the fly patterns being demonstrated and tied were available for distribution. Since I was unable to attend, would appreciate receiving a set of the patterns that were tied. Thank you.



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Members tying -- Alan Sherman, Fred Moore, Pat Hirschtick, Dave Franklin, Steve Jordan, Cory Gayle, Ed Osowski, Matt Veselsky, Josh Borton, Stuart Van Dorn, Michael Taylor, Rich McElligott, Matt Vaccarelo, Steve Randolph, & (guest)Kurt Kopulca.

Joined at event -- Gregg Taylor, Greg Rapson, Ernie Brevik, Patrick Lynch.

Stopped by but did'nt tie -- Bob Davenport, Brandon The, Carl Butler, Ed Loch, Ed Buric, Stan Lowczyk, Ralph Loza, Don Rego, Steve Salinas.

Host & owner of One More Cast, Joseph Meyer also taught & contributed tips throughout the day.

This year was the best yet thanks to ALL! Steve Jordans assesment of needed skills is dead on- from first time tyer to veteran these are easy, EFFECTIVE flies & instruction is hands on - DON"T MISS THIS NEXT TIME!!

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looks like all had a blast I wish I was feeling better as I have been down with the sickness for 3 days and would not have liked to pass this on to any one

but feeling better (better then the weather) and getting readdy to catch some smallmouth with one and all soon

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Glad to see all the positive feedback to the ISA/OneMoreCast Fly Tying event. We (my son and I) had a great time. At first, I assumed he would get bored and be a pain in the butt. But the 10 year old kept asking to stay and tie yet another bug!

Thanks to Joseph for the opportunity, for having such patience with the boy. And the excellent articulated minnow pattern. Young Matt loved being with everyone. I am grateful for the chance to hang with good guys who love to fish.

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