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Treble Hooks & Split Ring Replacement


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I'm thinking about throwing more crankbaits throughout the year and in going through my stuff have noticed some corrosion on my split rings and hooks and of course the hooks are somewhat dull. I've never had a split ring fail but have lost fish due to dull hooks.


Do I rejuvenate (wd40 and sharpening) or do I just replace everything. If I replace, what treble hooks does anybody like and why? Also split rings for the same question. It'd be nice to be able to get these at BPS or Cabela's as I have gift cards...


Thanks, Kevin

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Split rings are relatively inexpensive so I would replace them. If you like the hooks you have, sharpen them instead of replacing.


If you do peplace the hooks I prefer the hooks with straight points over beaked points as it's easier to touch them up on the water. Use the best hook your budget will allow.

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