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Bronzeback Bulletin Timing


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I want to be careful to first congratulate Scott Ferguson and others who may be involved in the publication of our Bronzeback Bulletin. Like I expect you do, I receive such publications from a variety of organizations and I have no reservations stating that the BBB is my favorite "read" and is a classy looking publication as well. Since joining the ISA some years ago, I have been disappointed in the timing regarding the receipt of the Bulletin. For instance, I just received the November/December issue on Feb 5th. Inside were a number of January events for my region and others that have already past. Some Feb events are fast approaching and I've just learned of them.


I would be completely remiss if I did not share with you that (as it happens) I and my brother own and operate a printing and mailing business so I have inside knowledge concerning what delivery times ought to be statewide in case the assumption were to be it's just that old nemesis the Post Office delaying mail. There are ways to overcome any shortcomings they have.


My brother and me are both avid fishermen but he is not an ISA member (I'm working on him) so I can't just offer to help pro-bono in fairness to him. This puts me in an awkward postion I hope you can appreciate. I don't want to seem like I'm trying to "sell" the organization on using our services rather, as a member, I'm frustrated by the timing of the publication's delivery. With that in mind- let me state that I am willing to advise the publisher but not (unless a whole lot of you begged us to) attempt again to position ouselves to provide the printing/mailing services. In full disclosure, I had provided a quote last year to Scott but will now withdraw that sales attempt so it does not appear I'm trying get business through stirring up dissatisfaction with delivery times. Heck, I've learned over the years to avoid doing business with friends and family if I value the relationship and, in this case, I surely do!


So let me be clear, it's not printing/mailing business I'm after but, rather, quicker delivery of this fantastic publication. Considering that I reside outside the Chicagoland area, I wonder if this is a "downstate" problem ,or statewide, or am I the only one who cares? Any feedback is appreciated by me and I hope the board as well.



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Thanks for sharing.


In order to save the ISA money we went to a third class pre sorted rate which enabled us to go to a full color publication while still saving the ISA a substantial amount of money. It was pretty much a win win. Less cost and full color. The only downside was leaving first class. From the input we have gotten it seems like the downstate (or out of Chicagoland) guys have more problems with timing and in some cases no delivery. We've ask them to contact their local post office which about all we can do except for going back to 1st class which is unlikely. The printer we use is a large enough operation and does a lot of this kind of work so I would think that it's not the printer.


I have no problem with a bid and we welcome that sort of thing. I appreciate you not using the poor delivery timing with the "selling" (cause we'd see right through that anyway) HA


The easiest way to fix the missed events situation is to log on and check the calendar. We really strive to keep the calendar updated so logging in is a great way.


Also, since we went to this I have had members post here and request a newsletter because theirs hasn't arrived. I will post when mine arrives as I assume others will here and if we get a few weeks into this and you have not received yours, PM Jim K and he will 1st class one to you.




Jim J

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I am sorry that the post office treats your newsletter so poorly. it seems everyone gets theirs at different times even though they are all mailed at the same time. I know that the issue that will be arriving in our homes shortly was sent to the post office earlier this week and we will see how long they take to deliver.

It seems that every issue has a couple of people who get it very late or not at all.

Ron, we could have the issue sent to you for mailing but I'm afraid that the cost of getting 600 copies sent to you would be prohibitively expensive.

For all of you that on occasion get your newsletter later then you should, I ask that you bear with us. Our decision to use bulk rate postage instead of the more expensive and timely first class saves us way over $1,200 every year. That money saved, keeps us from raising your dues, and is more money for smallmouth conservation.

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I'd just like to chime in to state more strongly the importance of the online Calendar for the very latest event notifications.

These events can and do get modified, canceled or rescheduled due to influences (like flooding) beyond our control.


Another upgrade we have invested in is Constant Contact reminders.

During our busy season, an email reminder is sent to every member that we have an email for on file.

Every event, latest updates, etc...are all included.

At the start of every month, and when there are special events and noteworthy items- you find out about it.

Postal service is out of our control, but everything internet related is right at our fingertips, and yours as well.


If anyone reading this is not receiving these updates, send me your email here and you will be added:


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I appeciate the quick responses and still hope to hear from others as well. Let me point out something I failed to say clearly enough in the 1st post which, I see, left the impression that I felt I was missing out on events due to lack of notification in time to take advantage. That was my fault for emphasizing those dates. In our business, it is deadly to send a publication out with event dates that have passed by the time mail arrives, so I'm particularaly sensitive to that. The real truth of the matter is, that it's such good reading I honestly can't wait to receive it and it's like getting a Christmas Gift you know is coming but not until Feb.


As far as the savings from switching to Standard (formerly 3rd Class) instead of First Class, I would have advised exactly that. But, the moment we saw delivery issues like this, I'd have recommended another step that can save most of that $1,200. The Postal Service breaks up the State into regions called SCF's- there are approximately 5-6 SCF's in IL. If the mail destined for downstate were Drop Shipped to the SCFs (Sectional Center Facility- basically a sorting hub), then most people would receive the publication in about a week from the completion of an issue. It's also referred to as "Open and Distribute"


Basically, the mailer gets clearance for the entire mailing from Lombard, IL and then takes back that portion they wish to drop ship (the downstate pieces). Each regions pieces would then be placed into a Priority Mail Bag with a form 8125 PVDS (Plant Verfied Drop Shipment). The additional postage would be based on weight, not number of pieces or possibly could fit into one of the PO's free unlimited weight Priority Boxes that mail at a fixed rate. It could potentially cost as little as $5 per region if all the issues for that SCF could fit into a single box. A side benefit is that you pay "SCF" rates instead of "none-Entry" rates on those pieces which is about 5 cents less per piece. In any event, additional costs would be a fraction of the $1,200 you originally saved by going to Standard and most everyone would have the publication inside a week of each other- say 2 weeks from artwork delivered.


Also- don't assume that because the printer is large and does a lot of this type of work that they're necessarily quick. A job this size ought to be done and mailed inside a week from the time artwork is provided. Of course I don't know what they ARE doing but a Postage Statement with USPS time/date stamp will answer that and you have a legitimate right to ask for a copy with each issue- it's standard practice in the industry.


There are other ideas that may work as well but here, then, is a first attempt at giving advice.

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That is about the latest I have heard about anyone getting the last issue. Though it is not scientific, I think Craig got his issue in Georgia before I got mine out near Rockford (soon after Craig, however). Maybe we ought to do some careful poling of members to see if there is a pattern of late delivery or if it is randon all over the state and US in general. Temporarily set up a bulletin forum where members log in their reciept date and location so we can see the big picture. Of course only regular site users will be polled, but it is a start.

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