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Tinley Park Sport Show

Guest Don R

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I've got to work 3-11 Saturday but I could man the booth from 9-1 and still make as long as I got right out of there.


Put me down for opening Saturday.


Edit, if Mike and are both there at the same time, we will need some large sticks to beat all the beautiful women off with. Sigh, tis the curse Kankakee River rats must bear.

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Just wanted to confirm that I would in fact be working the afternoon shift on Sat. You must have esp ;)


Should have looked at the ten day forecast before I volunteered to spend the nicest day in months inside, oh well :rolleyes: It's for a good cause!



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Had a great time talking with prospective members and meeting current members who dropped by the booth to say hello.




Spring is not too far off. Working the shows is a great way to make some preliminary plans to get together with members on their waters and yours.

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Had a great time working at the show. Had an issue with my voice but was able to make it through. Still managed to talk to alot of people. I know in the next few weeks we will see additional people from the shows signing up on line. The people that i explained our purpose to seem so overjoyed that there are still organizations out there that are working for the common good. Ps Don when do we get our all exp. paid trip to the Amazon for Peacock bass. See ya on the river Ray

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