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Hypothermia Bootcamp Video

Mike Clifford

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Volunteers experience the 3 effects of cold water immersion - cold shock, cold incapacitation & hypothermia. Learn how to survive a fall into cold water.


Whether falling through the ice while fishing a pond/lake, or going down while wading in freezing water...this is for you.



Cold Water Boot Camp



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That is well worth the 10 minutes it takes to watch it. Think of all the times we fished without a preserver sitting on it or stowing it in the boat somewhere. We were lucky.

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Yeah, it never dawned on me what a difference a preserver makes in cold water.

It only stands to reason, but the time it takes for hypothermia to set in is the key.

Doesn't happen as quickly as we might think, as the video illustrates.

Bobbing around with no muscle control buys precious minutes as opposed to sinking like a log.

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