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Re Locating- No more Harsh Winters

Jack T

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Moving to a retirement community NE Arkansas, www.wmv.org, closed down airforce base, located five miles out of town, housing area turned into a retirement community,renting a three bedroom duplex, no inner/outside maintenace, no grass cutting, use of swim pool, gym, cafeteria, community center, rv/boat parking, garden/vegetable patch available, security patrolled, several lakes/rivers close by which is fine for me as I have not been able to wade fish past six years [ prosthesis ] just got me a new leg, had a spinal shot [ pain area comes with loss of lower limb ] had anticipated this move shortly after I retired in 95, taken me this long to pry the "Rock" [ all due respects to my wife ] loose, over the past ten plus years been a pleasure meeting/fishing with lots of members, throughly enjoy your articles/fishing exploits.

Regards to all.

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Jack, Welcome to the Ozarks and congratulations on finally getting that rock moved. That is a pretty are over that way and you will enjoy it very much. I am about 312 miles from you here in Nixa, Mo. You will enjoy the friendly helpful people and the mild winters. Yes we get some snow and Ice Storms but they are usually gone in a day or two. Keep you membership and let us all know what you're doing and how you're doing.

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