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Strictly Fishing has supported the ISA in its endeavors. Let's meet up for breakfast at Baba's restaurant and then head over to Strictly Fishing to be part of their grand opening weekend!


Baba's is on the northwest corner of Rte. 59 and Rte. 52 in Shorewood. Exit Rte. 52 west off I-55 and go west about 1 mile to Rte. 59. Baba's is a casual place. But please, no waders. ;) Please be there about 8 AM.


After breakfast we'll go to Strictly Fishing & Archery. Scott w/ SF&A tells me that their new place is 7200 Sq/ft! The archery area may be used as a meeting room or a bassbuggers casting room in the middle of winter. I'm looking forward to seeing Strictly Fishing's new location and I'm sure you are as well.


I'll need a head count for the restaurant so please respond to this thread to let me know if you'll be there.


Here's a link for directions to SF&A's new location:




See you there...



Don, why that weekend?Some of us(me) will be out of town that weekend for T hanksgiving and some of the rest will still have turkey leftover(scrambled eggs and turkey,yum)The follwing weekend would be better.

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We had ten members show up for breakfast and the short trip to Strictly Fishing's new location. The food and conversation was excellent as always. Sorry Gary, the extra chair got taken. Thanks to John Kwit for bringing his wife Donna along to keep us all in line! :lol:



Here's the motley crew holding up one of the new banners that we had made up to us at the sport shows. This was taken in the archery range that's set up in back of the store. Make sure to stop in and check out the new place, and spread the word around about the new location!


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