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Just what is a "dink"?

Guest Don R

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Could you please make some laminated business card size copies of the new standards for all members? Just to be sure we all comply.


By the way: I've had many days when a dunk was a trophy.

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Don.....don't forget about the most important one for the "dink" translation.....the illustrious....Slam Dunk. From our last adventure you had one in this category and when you let that thing go, lets just say, it went right for my "manhood". Never had that happen before and hopefully never again. I almost took a second dunking on the Duper that day.

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For some fishermen, a dink a day will do. But a few dinks, a dank here, a denk there will still add up to a sizeable TIF(total inches of fish). As reported by Dale Bowman in the Sun Times this Wednesday, the TIF system is now being used in WSCR's golf-fish tourney.

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That's a great system.


You could also add in a prefix to let people know what it felt like prior to being in hand. For example, a feisty dink would be a donk-dink. A feisty denk in a fast moving river on a ultralight rod could maybe be a dunk-denk. A sickly dunk that momentarily revived, then floundered, then fought heroically could be a donk-denk-dunk-dunk.


They system's beauty is its elegance and versatility.




-jamie s

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