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Mike Clifford

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I'm putting together an extensive program involving monitoring our rivers and streams in 2009, that includes training and seminars.

Our new Conservation Station tent will be utilized extensively as well.


My question to the Bassbuggers is if a seminar or two from recognized entomologists would interest you.

It seems to me that as we discover and document these significant inhabitants (insects/invertebrates) of our flows, it might be interesting to see and hear from experts in the field with multi-media presentations.


Let me know what you think, especially if you have any specific people in mind.

In the meantime, I'll be searching.



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A cupl months ago an entomologist specializing on the presence of stone flies in Illinois streams did a presentation for the Oakbrook Chapter of Trout Unlimited.It was surprising to learn how many streams in Illinois either have or once had these impressive aquatic insects.If you decide to initiate this program I'll get his contact info.As an aside any bassbuggers interested in fishing for coldwater species should consider joining T/U.Go to obtu.org on the web.

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Mike, where would the meetings take place?

Any number of places, Jeff.

That's why I am putting together a Conservation Committee, consisting of members across all of our regions.

You are on this Committee Jeff, and I'll have an agenda and specific forum devoted to this in place very soon.

Keep checking in over the weekend!

Hopefully, this endeavor will allow for the formation of a "think tank" among our members that will go a long ways toward organizing these kinds of events.


We have the tent, the monitoring kits and the desire.

All we need now is a few good members to take charge and make it happen by searching and posting the results.

A team effort among 500+ members, of which a few are willing to take that extra step and accept the challenge.

I'm pretty confident we can get it done.


If anyone reading this has ideas- bring it, right here.

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