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Kankakee River Basin Commission

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I talked it over with my family and have decided I will represent the ISA at the Kankakee River Basin Commission meetings.


I talked to Rich and J.R. and the opening is basically an at large position. From a organizational standpoint I would be shown as representing myself on behalf of the ISA. To make things go smoother I would need a letter with the ISA letterhead stating that it was the ISA'S decision to let me represent them or something of that nature. I live a couple blocks away from where Rich works so if it could be mailed to me I could take it over there. I would also write a letter of my own asking to fill the position. The next meeting is the second Wednesday in August so I would need it as soon as possible.



I decided to do it as I am more involved in matters concerning the Kankakee all the time and the ISA needs to be represented where it concerns the best smallie river in the state. When it comes to this river if someone sounds the charge the old warhorse still responds.

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You couldn't have a more knowledgeable representative then Norm for this position. When it comes to all things Kankakee Norm is the man for the job. Thanks Norm for stepping up to the plate and running with the ball.

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