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Fat Fish

Don Plauck

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I was the guide on that trip (i say that cuz i was drivin the canoe)...there were a bunch of nice smallies stacked at the dayton dam...they were all feeding on shad. That fish was a pig. We caught about 20 nice fish there. It was kind of a bust after that. All of the smallies seemed to be up at the dayton dam area. We fished to the mouth of the fox/IL rivers and we only caught fish up there. That picture doesn't do that fish justice cuz it was hugely fat. We fished the rest of that stretch and caught a few white bass and drum...got round up by something that was probably a big flathead just downstream of the dam. get down there and fish that area if you can...he caught that one on a minner or leach rig if i remember correctly.. Good luck!

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Pete caught this on May 6th on the Fox River fishing from the canoe with myself and his brother, Andy. Although not weighed, far and away the fattest smallmouth I have ever seen in my life(72 years)!

Approximately 17" long- guessed it at over 4 lbs.


Very nice catch, Don. I too have a canoe and am a member of ISA and Prairie State Canoeists. The stretch of the river appears a nice part of the river my wife and I would enjoy paddling. In what area of the Fox was the picture taken? Thanks.


Steve Kollmann (aka "Paddlin' Man")

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i doubt my dad will reply...my sister-in-law posted that for my brother with my dad's login. Dad's not really computer savy yet. That was taken within sight of the dayton dam. That stretch is a nice paddle but the fishing got progressively worse as we moved downstream that day. May just be the time of year...Canoed it in July a few years back caught one or two whities, eyes and saugers and a few smallies. The stretch above the dam starting in sheridan is much more scenic...below the dayton dam you only have about a mile until you're in ottawa. not a pretty part of the river i might add.

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