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Ahrex hooks

Ben K.

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I really like these hooks, they have some fresh designs and come in great sizes for larger predator fish.

The pr378 swimbait hooks truly weedless when tied up with some bucktail.  I’ll layer in  streamer brushes wraps too add a little something something without over complicating the fly.  I like size 2/0 and 1/0 they’ve held up to large pike and I’ve had great hookups. 

The tp650 bent streamer is newer to me but looks like a winner. I’ve been tying deceiverish deer hair divers with or without light lead eyes. These act like jerkbaits and suspend or slow sink. Ive got a few more 1/0 left for articulated something or others. 

Anyone else have experience or recommendations for another streamer hook that’s not a gamy b10s?  I love those too. Next up are some Kona big game carnivore in 4/0 for fall esox. IMG_2066.jpeg.91fdebbcb6ee405357aa87ba0983b271.jpeg


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Another wonderful looking pattern and thank you for the tying tutorial.  Really nice.  

As to the Gamy B10S alternative, I may have mentioned this before and if so I apologize but Mustad has a newer hook out, the Heritage C61S streamer hook that is Exactly the same size and shape as the Gamy B10S, and I mean exactly.  It also comes with Mustad's newer point which is really sharp and a nice gray like finish, and of course the Mustad is much less expensive.  The problem is they are not widely distributed yet though I know J. Stockard often carries them.

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that fly is a 2/0. I’ve only tried the 2/0 and 4/0. I haven’t seen smaller sizes until I just checked honestly. 1/0,  1, 2 and 4 all look good to me but I’d  need to lighten up on the hair. I could see some weedless killer craws too. 


* I edited the sizes since I had them wrong. I attempted to order the 1/0 but was sent more 2/0. 


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I lost that fly to a nice pike up in Wisconsin. Should of had a leader but I had just run out of my coated wire. I was in a slow moving river with lots of loose grass. The bucktail collar and hook made it totally weedless. You can smack them down on lily pads and weed edges and just let them drop or strip them back. 

I tied these articulated streamers up the last couple nights, hope to get them wet soon. I haven’t had a proper float since the Menominee. 


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