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This plastic craw presentation is working for me. Thought I'd share..


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Necessity is the mother of invention I guess. I broke off my last football head jig on a trip about a month ago and when I looked in my bag all I had left was a package of Arkie u-bolt head jigs for presenting finesse worms. It's a 1/8 or 1/4 oz. round jig head with a standard eye to tie your line to and an eye on the back with an attatched free floating 3/0 offset shank standard gap worm hook. Wal-mart sells them here for $1.80 per 3 pack. They are great for fishing the worms but the fish were biting on Netbait baby paca craws.


So I did what any other guy would do in this situation. I rigged a paca craw on this head tex-posed and give it a toss. Jigged it in short hops along the bottom. Got nutt'n, I mean nada. In disgust I just reeled this in steady to switch to something else and could feel the head bumping into rocks on the river bed and POW!! an 18" smallie smashed it. The key when useing this presentation is a slow steady, bottom bumping retrieve. The action of the paca craw arms are amazing when fished like this and those stinky hog lard impregnated paca craws must really appeal to the smallies because they do not let go once they grab it. If you're looking to try something different I suggest you grab a bag of green pumpkin baby paca craws and a few of these arkie heads and give it a try. After playing and releasing several quality smallies you'll be glad ya did. ;)




Ron G

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Thanks Ron for the advice. I am not really surprised by your results since I had been thinking about using a faster retrieve with plastic craws. The reason is when you observe crayfish, they are scurrying so fast among the rocks. They are not moving ever-so-slowly as I often retrieve my plastic craws. Glad to hear it worked for you Ron since it gives me more confidence to mess around with a faster retrieve the next time out. Good fishing. Paul

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