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Mike Clifford

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We did a dry run at the facility today- Herrick Lake in Wheaton.

The event is Saturday, August 11 from 10 to 2.

I need our volunteers on-site at 9 a.m.


Our target number is 200 kids.

We are a little less than half-way there, but expect a surge with the press we are generating for online sign-ups at www.operationhomefront.net/illinois


The kids will be separated into 3 groups and given colored "dog tags".

Red, white and blue.


There will be 3 stations they will rotate to.



Arts/crafts/bean bag games, etc.


65 kids in each group will descend upon each station at a time.


Our 4 casting targets alone won't handle that, so we have some other implements being given to us that the FPD uses for the same purpose, to add to the number of target points.


Our sponsor for the Kids Casting portion is the Chicago Wolves.

I have 30 logo T-shirts and other goodies that we'll give out as prizes for this.

I'll work something up for that...minor detail.


9 FM (We play anything) radio is doing a live remote.

Dennis McKinnon of the '85 Bears will be on hand.

Other local sports celebrities are anticipated.

Lots more to be announced.



We can use all the help we can get for this special event.


PLEASE chime in here in this thread.



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I believe I know of 6 or 7 that will be volunteering for this event.

Please chime in or let me know if you have not already responded.




9 FM radio (99.9) is running PSA's now, so we'll likely meet our target number of kids.


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Sure, John.

Bring it along.

Lee and Eddie's is donating 1,000 bottles of water and I know that isn't enough for the throng of people that will be present....though we may have something else in the works as well.


Wear your pins, please.

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Guest Don R
I have a pin but no hat or shirt. Any of you guys attending have a spare ISA lid for sale?


I'll have hats for sale. Which reminds me...I've got buy one for myself!

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The registrants are being asked to arrive around 9, so I'd like for our group to be there by 8:45.

My wife and kids are helping at the event as well, so breakfast is probably not possible for me.


We have a total of 10 ISA volunteers/representatives.

Thanks to all for stepping up for this event.

We'll handle it very efficiently with this number.


Dan Basore is planning to attend with his lure collection.


The East Shelter is located to the left as you pull into the parking area.

We can meet there to get organized.

The rods will need to be rigged, as otherwise they are impossible to transport efficiently.

(They get broken down after each event, then re-tied and tested before each new event)


We are at 88 registrants as of this morning.

If you know of any local places to hang flyers- please feel free to do so by printing the page:


(The link at the bottom would be operationhomefront.net/illinois )

Been waiting for a Sun-Times feature article all week, we expect it on Weds. now.


Here are some further details:


Here is what Eric Schuller sent out to all that have registered so far:


Well it is only a few days away so I thought I would send you an email with

the details of the event.


We ask that everyone arrive between 9:00 am and 9:15 am for registration and

check in. At the check in each child will be given their own fishing pole.

Now these will need to be assembled so for the children to use them that day

that is why we are asking for you to come early so we can start right at

10:00 am. Please go to the EAST SHELTER which is marked on the map provided

with a big star. If you need direction to Herrick Lake please go to the

Forest Preserves website http://www.dupageforest.com/preserves/herrick.html.

LOOK for the Operation Homefront Banner.


At 10:00 SHARP we will start the kick off. The children will be broken down

into three (3) groups, one group will be fishing, one group will be learning

how to cast and one will be doing crafts and learning about nature. After

about 50 min we will switch up. At 1:00 we will be having lunch which has

been donated by The Dog Stop. During lunch we will be having the raffle

drawing, free, for all the kids, we have a LOT of GOOD prizes. We should be

done at 2:00 pm.


This will be a day of fun and adventure ALL the kids will have a great time

and get a lot out of it.

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